Maximize your poker winnings

Day 1 – Get Started with PokerOffice

Hey sparky!

I am the PokerOffice™ Expert and I will help you start getting the best from our amazing poker software.

… you already downloaded the software right?

Don’t worry if you didn’t, take your time and download PokerOffice™ .

… next

Install the fully-functional trial version of PokerOffice™ which gives you access to everything the poker software has to offer and allows you to import up to 300 hands free. Feel free to play around with its analysis, graphical and re-player tools :)

To import more than 300 hands, you’ll need to get a license key.

… hmm … How do I get a license key?

If you intend on getting a license key always make sure to check our news page to see if we have any special offer running! Here you can also find my blog where I will give you tips and tricks on how to best use PokerOffice™.

Buy license for only € 89.99!

A PokerOffice license only costs € 89.99 per year. You buy it online using one of our safe and secure payment methods. Choose from all major credit cards or use PayPal.

Buy license

Get license for free!

Sign up with one of our partners and we give you the PokerOffice license for free. In addition you will also get a generous sign up bonus from our partner poker room.

Get license for free

After you receive your registration keys you should enter them into the program like so: PokerOffice Help menu -> Enter Registration Keys:

Start using PokerOffice™!

Today we will keep it simple and just get you started. It’s very easy, all you have to do is to start up your favourite poker room and start playing, PokerOffice will take care of the rest!

  • Make sure you have PokerOffice running
  • Start up your poker room, find a poker table, sit down and buy-in
  • That’s it, PokerOffice should immediately start importing your hands and show information in the Live Tracker and Poker Table Overlay

Introducing the Live Tracker …

Immediately when you sit down at the poker table the Live Tracker should start.

The Live Tracker is a separate window that keeps track of the play at your poker table giving you real-time information about yours and your opponents play, as well as your outs and pot odds!

The Live Tracker also automatically imports each hand into your PokerOffice database during play.

Introducing the Poker Table Overlay …

Poker Table Overlay

The Poker Table Overlay lets you display key information from your database directly on your poker tables. This “heads-up display” (HUD) lets you see the most relevant information about your opponents without switching to the Live Tracker window.

what to keep in mind …

Please always make sure that:

  • Hand histories are stored to your hard drive (check under Options in the poker client)
  • You are using English language in the poker client*
  • Hand histories are set to English
  • You enable all chat options at the poker table

* At PokerStars you can have the client language set to French and German, at iPoker to French and at Ongame all client languages work with PokerOffice.

If you encounter any issues please have a look at the FAQ or else contact our super friendly support team! We are always ready to help you out :)

This was just a kick starter! Tomorrow you will learn how to start monitoring yourself with the PokerOffice™ Live Tracker.

Best Regards,

The PokerOffice™ Expert