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  • PokerOffice allows you to track all of your opponent’s actions as well as your own poker game while you are playing, without any need for hand histories or user input

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      Download, install and get started with our poker software and poker odds calculator in less then 5 minutes. Much simpler than other poker software's available.

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      PokerOffice provides you real time data and poker odds calculations right on the table, allowing you to make the best decision and maximize your profitability during every hand.

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      Let the poker software teach you! With PokerOffice we make it easy for you to study and analyze your poker game, so you can improve and become a much better poker player.

    • No More Mistakes

      Make the right decision as you are playing. After accurately knowing the pot odds, outs and probabilities provided by the poker odds calculator you won't make a mistake again.

    • Poker Software Replayer

      Want to see that hand again? With PokerOffice you will be able to replay any hand so you can analyze your or your opponent´s game play, improving your future profitability on the tables.

    • Simplified Reporting

      PokerOffice brings comprehensive statistics on you and your opponent’s game play via spreadsheets and graphs making the most detailed statistics easy to follow.

  • Voted Best Online Poker Software

    "PokerOffice 5 is one of the most advanced poker tools available. It’s not just another poker calculator, it also tracks both yours and your opponent’s actions. It keeps every hand stored and you can see replays of certain hands anytime you want, excellent for showing off great hands, but also to learn from the mistakes you’ve made during a hand."

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    "I' have used poker softwares for over 5 years and I would not have survived at the poker tables without PokerOffice by my side. The live game tracking and being able to review my game from the many thousands of hands that I have played truly makes me a much better poker player. Thanks!"

    Jean-Pierre, Bordeaux, France

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  • What is PokerOffice?

    PokerOffice is much more than a poker odds calculator and poker software, we consider it to be the most sophisticated and complete poker tool on the market for Online Poker.

    The poker software allows you to track all of your opponent's actions as well as your own poker game as you are playing. It stores the collected data and brings summarized statistics reports, spreadsheets, and graphs of yours and your opponents play.

    As you are playing the poker odds calculator will overlay statistics, player actions and odds on the actual poker table. This way you will always have full control over the present game state in order to exploit weaknesses in your opponents and make the correct move.

    Try out PokerOffice today! You simply can't afford to play online poker without it!