Stay Social. Keep Private



Take a picture, add the location, and write a little
message; All that’s left is to click send to let your
circle of friends know what you’re up to!

Share Private, Social, or Public. It’s up to you!!!


Find your friends, Form your circle.

From the get-go, fill your circle the way you want. Only you can know... Your Private Circle, your Social Circle, or your Public Circle...
It’s that simple!!

Start with a picture and its location.

What are you up to???!!! Whether to meet up or just say hey, a picture and location is all you really need to get things going. Don’t forget, not everybody knows, not everybody sees.
You’re in control!!

Share in real time. Connect in real life.

Want to add a message? Go right ahead, your picture becomes the chat. Share as much as you want, with whichever circle you choose, all in real time. Everything will disappear in 24 hours, or when you replace it.
Have fun!!


Not at all! We wouldn't want to impose anything on you! Sure, it would be easier if you allowed location services, but you can always just select a location or not put one at all!
Easy, you can either use your contact book or search for them. If you're finding friends using your contact book, we'll let you know who's already on weynOn.
Of course! Sharing a post outside of weynOn is half the fun! Whoever you share the link with has 24 hours to open it, and when they do they have 5 seconds before it disappears!
Well, to be honest, we all have really close friends that know everything, friends we hang out with, and the friends we see once in a blue moon. Basically, super close friends are your private circle, hangout buddies are your social circle, and blue-moon friends are your public circle.
Poof! It's gone! Don't dwell on it and live the past. Today is a whole new day, so make the best of it!
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