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Dunc Waters 2011-02-18 01:31

Saving window position
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There is already an option for saving the Live Tracker window size, however there should be a way to save window position. I often play 3 or more tables at a time. Each time I open a table I have to re-position the live tracker window. My tables on Full tilt always open in the same place that they were previously.

For example in my screenshot you can see 4 tables that I have opened (I am not playing at any they are just for example). Each table subsequently opens next to the previous one.

You can see that the PokerOffice Live Tracker is opened underneath tables 1 and 2. In that spot lies actually all 4 Live Tracker windows. The size of them is fine, however it would be handy if the window's positions could be saved so that they too open in the proper position as more tables are opened.


PokerOffice Support 2011-02-18 17:20

Yes, this could definitely be a handy feature, and is actually something we've discussed. This is not something that's on the current development plan, but I'll make sure to bring it up when we discuss the next one.

Thanks for the request!

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