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Default Seeing the turn.

I play texas holdem nl 100 at partypoker. And see about 20% of the flops. I the beginning I saw many more flops. Not seeing so many flops have made me a break-even player at this level(of course with other things I have learned to).

Now Im wondering. Perhaps I see to many turns? In percent, how many flops do you recomend me to see at this level? 25%
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Default RE: Seeing the turn.

I am not sure about what percent is ideal, but I recently asked myself similar questions.

First off, I see about 30% on average and only play flops with recommended starting hands (I will leave aggressive play, blind stealing and bluffing out of this analysis).

The main thing to consider after the flop is what was I trying to get with the flop:

Pre Flop Pair = Trips or Two Pair
Pre Flop Suited = Flush or Flush Draw
Pre Flop Connected = Straight or Straight Draw

If you don't get these results on the Flop then FOLD!

Unless you can see the Turn for free with a check, DON'T GO CHASING CARDS as it will eat away at your winnings and make you a break even player.

Poker Office can help you with these in two ways.

1. You will notice that the Live Tracker only shows one card outs. So if you need 2 cards to make a Flush, it doesn't show it to you in odds. So if it forgets about it, so should you! Use these numbers to help decide if you want to stay in the hand or not.

2. After a session, look back at the hands you played in the session. Sort by Profit and look at your losses. Are you chasing good starting hands, tossing away your previous winnings, just to fold them on the River?

Since I tightened up this part of my game, I have become a steady winner. Not huge wins, just steady winning sessions with few losing sessions. Also, my losing sessions are much milder now and easier to make up when Lady Luck is dealing.

Now when I look at my session hands I see some nice winning hands and lots of hands where I only called the big blind or a small pre-flop raise then folded because I have nothing.

One interesting thing that I have noticed is that a lot of players seem to like the fact that they are knocking me out of the pot a lot after the Flop. Most of the time they start to make a habit of it so when I do get a good Flop, they have already set themselves up. With a good Flop, I just call their post Flop raise. Normally they raise again often higher on the Turn trying to assert their will on me, which I call again. Usually they bet again after the River which I raise. Their ego usually makes them call or raise and I win a very nice pot!

After a few times of this, I get some respect and a medium bet from me is often all that is needed to start stealing blinds.

I know this isn't a super aggressive style. But it is a winning style for me while learning the ropes.

Hope it helps!


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